It was two weeks before I saw Alex again. Two weeks of torturous training of trying to finish the course in five minutes and failing. It wasn't that I couldn't do it... more like by the time I knew I could make it my muscles burned so bad I just couldn't carry on. I'd then be taken back to my 'room' and collapse on my bed waking the next day to find I couldn't remember the trick in getting to the end.

The lacky that Alex had put me with was harsh and he flexed his muscles every time I offended or challenged him even a little. 

"Don't you talk at all?" I snap at him after having run the course for the fifth time that day. The lacky smirked and tossed me a bottle of water. I caught it easily. My 'airbending' as Alex had related it to was well practiced but weak. It was no way as strong as when that man had threatened to shoot Luis. I think it was the anger that had trigger it.

The actual thought of losing Luis had been terrifying and the fact someone would try to murder him.

I didn't like this place one bit. I didn't want to train to be an assassin or a murder and I especially didn't want to be one of Alex's brainless lacky.

"Get up!" Alex snapped as he strode into the room. I looked at him with a narrow gaze then waited a few more moments before rising. My disobedience seemed to amuse him but he didn't mention it. The only sign of amusement was brief smile on his lips. 

"What?" I said turning to do the course again.

"You're weak. Most of the people here would of done that course by now"

"Shut up" I snapped as the bell pierced the silence that suddenly set it the room. I grit my teeth and strode back to the start. The anger that had begun to become like second nature to me had begun to also scare me.

I didn't want to be here. I didn't want to change.

"I have a surprise for you" Alex said after a few moments of silence.

The End

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