"Calm down." I sighed, leading her out of the room. Her new power was strange, and rare, and now I would have to explain it to her. There was an empty room not too far from the training room, hard wood floor, walls lined with mirrors, it looked like a ballet studio, but there was no bar around the wall, the mirrors were also different, made of my ultraflex neversmash material. I hoped to take over the world using some of my products. Everything in this facility was nearly indestructable, which helped train people with powers.

Speaking of which... I turned to Meira, still flexing her fingers like she wanted to hit something.

"Bag." I said, and a punching bag dropped from the ceiling. "Its voice activated," I explained. "Punch it until your fingers get sore. But for goodness sakes dont break them, I'm not done with you."

She glared at me, and began to hit the bag. Between punches I began to explain the nature of her abilities, and a couple other facts.

"You and I are not from this world." I said, a little slowly, letting the message seep in. "We're from a planet called Astrid, but it was destroyed, you, me, our parents and several others managed to escape it."

"Astrid?" She processed slowly, "That sounds like Superman's story, his planet was destroyed and bits of it could kill him."

"They may have gotten the idea from one of our predecessors." I said quickly, not wanting to get off the subject. "But pieces of our destroyed planet do not weaken us. They dont even exist. Astrid was blasted into a massive pile of dust no larger than the dust motes you see in the sunlight!" I took a deep breath, then continued. "The people of our planet, like superman, have special abilities. Many of us can read minds and project our thoughts into the minds of others. Others have more powers than that, such as yourself. That wind thing you did in the training room is one of those powers."

"I dont know how I did that, what was it?" She asked, a little stupified, I noticed she had stopped punching the bag, or flexing her fingers.

"Hmm, how to explain this in a way you'd understand." I muttered, then it hit me. "You know the show Avatar?" I asked. She shrugged.

"Yeah, so?"

"Its a bit like that. You are, in a way, an airbender." I grimaced as the words came out of my mouth, they were so cheesy. "You can generate wind currents at will and direct them. You will eventually learn how to fly with this power, its a very handy thing to have on hand." I was already thinking of all the possibilities. Maybe I could design a flight suit or possibly artificial wings like Icharus--

"So thats why you kidnapped me?!" Oh here it comes. "I-I'm a freak!? You're going to use me as your little pet project!?" Her voice was shrill, shooting up through several octave.

"I am here to make a profit and get off this stupid, stinking mudball you call home!" I ended up shouting myself. Drat, I had promised myself not to lose it. "

We stood nose to nose, the punching bag forgotten.

"You are--evil." She said, apparently at a loss for words. At least she said it at a normal volume.

"When I have to be." I replied, stepping back."You need to finish your first test before you can continue." I started toward the door. Her footsteps came behind me, reluctantly. She was afraid of being lost.

The obstacle course was the same, only, on the wall there was a timer, counting down from 5 minutes. "Begin, and this time, finish before the bell."

She tried, again and again. This time there was no gunshot marking the end, only the blasting, ringing bell that signaled the end. Upon which she would stop where she was, go back to the beginning and start again.

All afternoon, past dinnertime. I knew she was probably starving by now, I had not allowed her any time to eat today. Still she could not finish the test. Finally, as it neared nine o clock, I signaled for the obstacle course to be withdrawn.

"Come." I said, simply, before heading out. She struggled to keep up. I knew how she felt. I had felt the same way on my first day. Hungry, my muscles turned to water, hardly able to shuffle back to my room.

I opened her door for her. She stumbled inside and waited, her limbs shaking.

"Pajamas in the closet. Food in the fridge." I said, short, clipped sentences. I want this day to be over. I shut the door in her face. I would send a man to wake her up and take her to the training room. I had other work to do. I went to my room and turned on my tv to the channel of the girl in her cell. Meira's interesting friend. She was not crying. She was not doing anything. She was just sitting. The boy instilled violence in Meira. What would this girl cause? I turned off the tv and climbed into my bed, in my own simple, white, egyptian cotton pajamas. "Lights off" I said, then settled down to think as the moonlight from the hologram environment moved slowly across the sky.

The End

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