"Enough!" I screamed turning round to face him. "What the hell do yo want from me? Where is my actual brother?" I was shocked at the actual growl that slipped into my voice and it seemed so was Alex who raised an eyebrow in my direction.

"Oh really" he said and waved towards the door which then opened to reveal my brother.

"Luis!" I yelled and began to rush towards him but Alex stopped me holding out a hand in front of my path. I watched a Luis was dragged to the same spot of the hologram which had now disappeared. Horror spread through me and I looked towards Alex who smiled. "You can't" I whispered.

"Oh but indeed I can.... go!" he ordered. I ran. Taking the first obstacle easy thanks to the practice and I easily reached the last. I couldn't help but glance at the clock showing I had thirty seconds to go which caused me to panic. Throwing myself into the obstacle I made it half way before I fell.

Luis stared at me scared and I looked at the clock showing three seconds. "NO!" I yelled and flung out my hand. It was like the air obeyed my command and it threw the man with the gun away to the floor. Scrambling to my feet I ran to my brother and pulled him into my arms.

"Well done" Alex said walking over slowly. "You discover wind power fascinating. That's a rare gift. Only a few of our kind have it"

"Our kind?" I say confused.

"Come" Alex says turning and walking off. At the same moment Luis is dragged from my arms. He kicks and struggles but no matter how much either of us fight he gets taken to a door that I can't follow through.

So reluctantly I follow Alex clenching and unclenching my hands. "Calm down" he said with a sigh almost disappointement. Why was he disappointed? What did they want from me here?

The End

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