The outfit was a fitted black t-shirt that hugged my sides and then a pair of loose trousers but tight round the waist. I tugged them on after having snapped at Alex to not watch which he just smirked at and turned round.

So now as I slipped the clothes on I felt the cool fabric brush against my skin. Something was odd about them. Its like their touch calmed me down. I felt ready to fight till I could no longer which I must admit scared me a little. I took a slow breath and turned round to see Alex still with his back to me. I didn't know why he wanted me but I had a strange feeling I needed to play his way if I ever wanted to get out.

"Ready" I said as I pulled my wavy hair back into a tight ponytail. Alex turned and smiled slowly.

"Perfect" he said. I didn't know in what world where this situation would be perfect but I sure didn't want to be part of it. "Follow me" he turned and walked off without waiting for a reply. His arrogance and assumptions emphasised the fact that I believed he was the leader. The way people ran up and called him 'sir' to me was a little pathetic.

If I had to work for this guy I would of quit ages ago. I held my tongue through and followed him through the maze of corridors. If I get told to return to my room I have no doubt that I would get lost within the second.

Heaving a sigh I kept my head down and kept walking. I was worried about Luis and Katie. I just wanted to see them and make sure they were okay. Seeing Luis all roughed up had made me realise just how much I cared about him. A glimpse like how he cared for me.

We entered a large room. The walls and floors panelled with metal and I immediatly thought hologram. I was right...

The End

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