Wake up call

I strode down the hall toward Meira's room at precisely eight o' clock the next morning. I had already eaten, dressed and filed what paperwork needed filed. I had tested the pajamas, which were indeed very soft, but static electricity was an issue, they clung to my skin and lit up my sheets like a christmas tree when I slid into bed. I gave them back with a "try again" notice. I unlocked the door to find the girl sleeping on the floor. I sighed. Every time. Why couldnt they just use the bed like civilized people. I clapped my hands loudly, walking toward her.

"Wake up. Its time for you to begin work." I said. She opened her eyes slowly, she seemed to have difficulty doing that simple task and I looked closer and saw evidence that she'd cried herself to sleep last night, without bothering to dry her eyes before hand. Sighing again I opened the curtains to reveal a beautiful day in the holographic world. The rain had stopped and there were no clouds abstructing the view of the trees and the distant ocean. "Its time for you to start your training."

I turned back towards her. She was standing now, the comfortor from the bed wrapped around her thin shoulders. There was only fear in her bleary eyes. Why was there always fear, never anger. Fear never did anything for a person, anger gave them strength. I suddenly wanted to hit her, just to see if she would lash out and hit back. I restrained myself and pointed toward the closet.

"Change." I ordered. I kept my hand in that position until she did what I said, walking slowly toward the closet, still trailing that blanket. Gah! She looked three! I loved my job, it allowed me to do so much, but I hated the fear, the meekness. At that moment, I hated her.

"Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering." I breathed a chuckle, that old Star Wars quip, I wished everyone could just skip the first step. I had skipped most of them. And I'd make her suffer today.

The End

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