So Alone

I didn't dare leave my room. Even with the map I probably wouldn't make it five steps without getting lost. The whole place was so complex with over one hundred floors. The place said still digging and I ended up grabbing the covers off the bed before curling up on the floor far away from all the stuff in the room.

I had never been so alone. Never felt so scared. Well, not since that night 12 years ago before I was adopted....


"Mommy!" my voice cried. I clutched my teddy to my chest wandering through the smelly sleeps coughing again against the smoke that felt trapped in my lungs. I could hear the yelling behind me and hear the crackling of the flames.

My mother had to of got out! She had to! She promised we were going to go to Barney's playhouse down the street and she never broke her promises. 

"Mommy!" I yelled again.

"Hey! Little girl!" a voice shouted. I turned to find a fireman racing up to me. He stopped. "Hey, are you okay... d-did you come out of the reckage?"

I nodded. "Mommy said I had to run and that we'd go play" I stuttered. 

"Well.... darling... I think you need to come with me" he whispers. I let him pick me up but I was crying. Was I going to have to move again? We were always moving and mommy never told me why. 

"I don't want to move" I muttered then I saw it. "Mommy!" 

The fireman looked over to some other firemen carrying my mommy out the the fiery building. The man's face paled and her carried me in a different direction. "I think we need to find your other family sweet heart"

"W-why?" I stuttered but I knew... Mommy was gone just like she had always said Daddy was.


Thinking about it now maybe this, these people, were the reason we kept moving. I wouldn't put it pass them. I didn't want to think about it though and cried myself to sleep.

The End

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