Quiet, too quiet

She stood there meek as a mouse as the elevator descended. It was a fast elevator, but it still took forever to get to the lower levels. My own office and living quarters were at level B17, my favorite number, and near the top, I felt it was easier to add as one went down instead of having the lowest floor be the first and the ground floor be the highest, which was at this moment approximately one hundred and seventy two.

We were still digging, I wanted a building a mile deep, so I would need at least five hundred floors before I was satisfied. There was no pattern to the floor layout. We were well stocked in living quarters, work spaces, training and excersize centers, and our laboratories were up-to-date and well maintained as we raced ahead of the rest of the planet to create better, faster technology in transport, weapons, clothing and everything else.

At about level B10 the holographic window view started up on the walls of the elevator, which before had simply been mirrored glass. It showed an amazing sunset setting into a clear sea far below, at the water's edge a forest grew and rain fell in the distance to create a fine mist, purple in the failing light. It was amazingly realistic for as we descended our height above this rather fantastical landscape dropped. We reached floor one hundred and three and were greeted by a balding scientist with a large beak of a nose.

"Hello, sir, I would like to report that the all purpose cloth is ready for testing." He stammered.

"Good, have it sent to the test center on floor seventy." I replied promptly, leading Meira down the hall. We were met by other people as they went about their business.

"Sir, the regenerating fuel is regenerating too fast--"

"Burn it and start again."

"Sir would you like to test those new Ultrasoft Pajamas yourself?"

"Send them to my quarters on floor seventeen."

"Sir, the hovercycle is nearing completion, would you like a copy of the paperwork sent to your office?"

"Yes, have it there by eight o clock. Binder clipped, not paper clipped."

"Sir..." It continued. I liked to be on top of things and it made me feel efficient to be addressed in such a manner. On top of that, I liked being called 'sir' a lot.

Finally we reached a hallway that was reminiscent of a hotel. We stopped at a door, I unlocked it and we entered.

The room was made with that same hotel look, a queen sized bed pushed up against one wall on the left, two lamps, one on each side. A desk with a phone on it was against the wall across from the bed, a small kitchenette with mini fridge, cabinet and sink stood to the right of the door way while a closet and small bathroom was to the left. A wide window on the opposite wall from the door overlooked the same holographic image as the elevators, thick hotel curtains could block the image. The view changed from month to month, but all were stunning. This room faced west. The sun had set by now and the view was a very purple twilight. Stars were beginning to show up in the holographic sky, brighter and more numerous than any seen from earth.

"Here's your room. I hope your comfortable." I held up a key. "This is your room key, used for this room and this room only. Map in the desk, phone directory is there too. The phone doesnt call anyone outside the facility, not like you have anyone to call out there anyway." I chuckled and headed for the door. She just stood there near the bed and I found myself slightly disappointed as I left.

The End

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