I grew bored of the film. It felt like Alex was taking the micky out of my situation. He was continuously testing me and I didn't like it. I wanted to go home but truthfully with my parents gone I didn't know where home was anymore. So when we landed I let myself be dragged off without a fuss. 

Alex frowned and followed. "Where's the fiery little spirit gone?" he asks but I didn't look at him. I looked down at my feet and walked slowly. I kept glancing around hoping to catch a glimpse of either Luis or Katie but I didn't because the next thing I knew I was dragged into a building. It didn't look like a airport and looking through the windows it almost looked like we were in a barren wasteland.

"Goverment funding" Alex says as we go into an elevator. "Except they only allowed us to build underground. This planet is so odd"

He then reaches across and presses a button saying.... -103?!? I stare confused seeing the amount of levels. How the hell did they even dig that low?

I swallow wanting to hug my stomach but find my arms trying to pull against the bonds. "Take those off now. Its not like she can escape" Alex says. "Thumb print scan on the buttons" he directs to me. "Our last leader came up with that. A bit of a paranoid chap"

"What do you want me for?" I snap finally.

"We want you to train to kill" Alex whispers. I pale and stare at this man horrified. Kill... I couldn't even squish a bug never mind kill a person.

The End

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