Ulterior Motive

"Clean that up." I ordered, frowning at Meira, funny, I'd thought her stronger than that. My men had only roughed the male up a bit, he was covered in bruises and had a black eye, his jaw was a little dislocated, but that would pop right back into place. There was no bloodshed, I didnt enjoy that, it was a mess and stained everything. Pity she'd probably lost her appetite too. She'd have to get used to seeing people hurt. She needed to toughen up in this business.

Like it or not, I wasn't of this world.  I worked for the governments of this measly planet as a sort of, assassin group. Finding my people scattered around this ball of water and mud and training them to be fighters and killers of key people in plans that I didnt care about, so long as I got my money. Money makes the galaxy go 'round, as they say. And I knew about the galaxy, oh yes. This planet may be isolated, but sure as my own planet was destroyed there were others out there. Other worlds with governments trying to kill each other, and my group of fighters would be the ultimate weapon in the never ending wars.

"Time for lunch, we have a long flight still ahead, bring out some menus. And I want to watch a proper movie, how about that Inception, that is a good one, plenty of violence, the mind games keep one on ones toes, takes place on a plane as well, isn't that an interesting concept." I smiled and someone put in the disc. "And if she is sick again, take her to a cell or something, dont keep her here." 

The End

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