I struggled against the bonds that held my arms behind my back keeping the movement of my fingers tugging at the rope restricted so Alex didn't see anything wrong. He was sipping his soda watching me waiting for me to speak but I was angry. If he knew me at all like Luis and Katie he would know when I got angry I also got silent.

"Nothing to say?" he questioned with a smile hoping to make me speak. I  stayed silent though glancing at this good looking guy with a calm and uninterested gaze. That seemed to get to him a little. He looked away from me with a jerk of his head angry.

I smirk slightly and continued to tug at the bonds. They had only become loose enough for the rope not to rub against my skin roughly but not enough for my hands to slip free. 

I didn't know if it was a good idea anyway because as I looked out the window I saw how high we were up. I couldn't fly a plane so that was no option. Then looking at inside the plane I could see thugs guarding every door and each one out weigh me by at least 5 stone. I could take down Luis who was a stone heavier than me but no way could I take down these guys.

"Oh look we have a choice of movies?" he says as the screen came down. "Camera four or camera two"

It fluttered straight to camera two and when I saw what they had done to Luis I threw up straight onto the floor.

The End

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