Smooth Sailing

I reclined in my soft leather seat, holding a wine glass of soda in one hand, it looked like champagne and I thought it came across as quite posh. Haha, those brits and their funny terms.

Meira was not laughing, she was scowling at me, trying to work herself free of her bonds.

"I take it you dont know how to steer a plane?" I said. Her face said it all, though she was still trying to keep that picture of a shield in the forefront of her mind. Ah mind-reading could be so handy at times.

The plane took off and I relaxed further. She couldnt escape now, not if she didnt want to end up dead herself.

"You dont need to know where we're going, or who I am, but I can believe you wont see me again once we touch the ground, for you will be taken into a holding cell where an expert will see what makes you tick.  Your friends will also be taken and put somewhere where they wont be, trouble. If you want to see them again, you'd better not cause any problems.
"Now sit back, relax. Its a long flight to HQ, and I'm sure we'll find something to talk about before the in-flight movie." I laughed at my own private joke and sipped at the soda.

The End

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