Just Odd

"You are fricken odd" I snap at him as I'm lifted over a thugs shoulder and moved towards a fancy plane. "Let go of me" I snap. Then strangely as if listening to me the thug does but cause my feet are bound I topple to the ground.

Alex smile amused and gestures to two other thugs. One sticking ear plugs in the first thugs ears and then the other picking me up. I look at this ones ears and see ear plugs as well. "What's with the ear plugs?" I ask confused.

"To stop you hypnotising my boys" Alex says walking behind the thug and looking up at me.

"Then why aren't you?" I press.

"Ah, now that would be telling" he says walking round and up onto the plane while I'm carried not pulled into the plane in time not to see my friends dragged by the scruff of their shirts across the pavement. I pale and I barely get chance to get a steady breath before I'm thrown into a fancy plane seat across from Alex.

"You're sick" I snap. That and odd but I cant help but admit to the fact that he has some good lucks.

"Thank you" Alex says with a smirk and I realise I have... projected my thoughts. I imagine a shield and Alex laughs. "Oh you are feisty. The studies prove right but don't worry, Meira. We will break you whether you want us to or not"

I swallow and try to shift away from this guy but that's sort of hard when your wrists are bond as well as you ankles. This is gonna be one hell of a trip, I think grimly. 

The End

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