Who's Boss

"I gave you a choice Meira." I said, striding into the room, all joking gone.

There was a small squeak from the redhead, and even the boy looked terrified. I payed them little attention, they werent important.

"It was a shame they had to die." I said to Meira. "But I had to let you know that I mean business, and if you dont do exactly as I ask..." I made a signal towards the men and they grabbed the two others and pointed guns at their heads. "Your friends will get hurt as well."

Meira was faltering, I could see it in her eyes, good. Well, I wasnt going to give her any more time to hesitate, there was no more time. I made another signal and more men grabbed her and our unlikely parade filed out of the ruined house and into a series of cars, specifically two large vans and a limo. The men tied up the ordinary students and tossed them into a van, Meira's hands were tied together, then her feet, then she was placed in the limo. I slid in as well and poured myself a glass of water from the supply.

"Forget about your life here, Miss Whispers. Its over." To the driver I added. "The airport." The limo and vans  began to move and the nice neighborhood street faded into the distance.

The End

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