The Mess....

Okay, the first threat annoyed. Now this one didnt only piss me off but it scared me.

Was this guy actually for real? Katie seemed to believe so although Katie had a tendancy to give into anyone who threatened her the poor girl. I still remember the amount of lunch money she'd lost over it. Quite typical bullying.

So as the lesson ticked by I tried to think of a way to get out of this situation. Trust me that I was really thankful that this was a double period and that after it would be the end of school. So I came up with only one solution though by the end.... run. 

Packing my stuff and Katie's up early as soon as the teacher gave us permission to leave I was gone pulling my friend along behind me.

I didnt know the conciquences of what I had chosen all I knew is I was freaked out of my mind. I reached Luis by the gate who I just raced past. "Hey" he yells jogging to catch up with me then falling in next to me at a quick stride. "What's the rush?"

"Katie's coming over. We have an assignment" I lie.

"But we-" she begins but I shoot her a glare quieting her. Now is not the right time to start being all talkative an honest, I find myself thinking. So the rest of the walk home is at a fast pace and by the time we make it to the path leading up to my house I breathless. I fumble for my keys but Luis gets his out before me shoving in the lock and turning which is when its revealed that the door was never locked at all.

Looking at my brother I see the panic on his face and on Katie's as I look at her as well. Great, three panicking 17 year old's. What a great way to enter the house. Luis pushes the door open slowly and Katie almost cries out at the sight. I let out a gasp at the broken pottery and shreds of paper on the floor. The scattered pieces of cutlery from the kitchen and just the overall mess shocks me.

"Mum, Dad" Luis yells storming into the house climbing over the rubbish that piles up in some places. I follow a lot more slowly and reach back to grasp my friends hand. "NO!"

The loud yell makes me jumping and the sobbings even worse. I race towards it and then myself scream. My parents lay... dead on the floor. There is large scratches across their body and I'm almost sick. Then I remember Katie and stop her before she comes in. She looks at me in horror realising soon enough.

"Meira..." she whispers. Which is when the door that Katie had shut behind her falls in and men pour into the house. Followed by one particular boy.

"You've got to be kidding me" I whisper.

The End

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