Step Two

The people of this school were strange, they all acted tough but were soft on the inside, weak. I smiled to myself as I slid into the seat I'd claimed in Meira's next class, it would be so easy to take over these halls. I laughed silently as the teacher called role, it was fascinating that they checked if people were missing, but not if there was an extra.

The students all chatted amongst themselves, Meira had picked up a friend since she'd left the lunch table. This new girl had wild red hair and bright green eyes, dispite her striking appearance, she seemed to constantly be wanting the ground to swallow her up. She had no sheilds at all, and I could detect the spark of inner strength inside her. Meira attracted interesting people.

"Miss Whispers, I'm giving you until the end of this class to make your final decision." I said languidly, leaning the chair back on its back legs. "Its you or your parents."

Meira exchanged a glance with her friend and I could see the fear in the friends eyes, reflecting the fear I knew Meira was hiding.

"You can bring your friend, if you want." I added, already thinking about how to study the girl and use her in training Meira.

The teacher began to speak and I pulled out a stop watch. The seconds ticked down as I waited for Meira to make her decision.

The End

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