"Are you threatening my parents?" I whisper shocked that this guy even has the nerve. I mean what the hell? To waltz into the school at just demand that I go with him. What a jerk?

"Yes, I am" he continues.

"Oh get lost" I say shaking my head and leaving the table. Katie gets up following me quickly. Her steps are clumsy and she almost falls over but luckily this time she catches herself on a chair. She stands back up smiling at the guy in the chair before following me again.

"Who was that?" she asks quietly.

"I dont know" I mutter pushing my fridge off my face tucking the ends behind my ear. "All I know is he keeps sounding like a loony"

Katie smiles and me shyly which I return. We'd been friends since childhood and I had gotten use to my friends clumsy attitude and lack of confidence. Even around me she was still a little shy when we went out because she was always scared people would tease her. Looking at her now I couldnt understand why. She had wild curly red hair that fell past her shoulders and sharp green eye giving her this really strong look.

Okay, so it possibly didnt suit her but who cares. The edge she had actually gave her this individual persona put along with the way she present herself round people. Even now as we reached a crowd of people we had to passed through she was hunching her shoulders.

"Hey, girl" Denis said flinging an arm round my shoulders and matching my stride. "Sorry about leaving you this morning"

I shrug his arm off and turn to face him with Katie stood behind me glaring at the ground like it will grow up to protect her at any moment. "No, really, you should do that more often" I say holding my ground. You had to be able to at this school cause trust me if you couldnt you would be swallowed up in a second.

Denis laughs then pins his eyes on me. "Oh girl, dont worry I wont. I have plans for you and me. Big plans" he says his tone turning quite serious and dark in a second. I hold back a shiver and the sudden urge to run that pounds through me. What is with him? Its like everyone is going mad today. First, Luis kisses me this morning. Then some new weird guy tries to make me leave with him and now... Now, Denis has gone all crazy dark emo on me.

"Okay" I say slowly. "I'm leaving"

I grab Katie hand and pull her along quick after me as I race away. Somethings going on and I am not letting myself be dragged into it.

The End

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