Step One

I strode off through the hallways, grinning. I'd spooked the girl, good, she'd soon learn to take me seriously. I hadnt battled my way up the ranks just to lose touch. I am the head of the organization known only as The Project, and it specializes in the 'collection' of teens with special abilities. I rarely went into the field anymore, but I felt that certain, specifications, were needed to bring down this girl.

I sat down in the library, I would bide my time until lunch, where I would make the next move.

"Hey there, Miss Whispers." I said, sliding into the seat next to her at the table, lunch tray in hand. "Look, I need you to come with me before you cause any more trouble and embarrassment to yourself."

"Hey, back off." She said out loud. 'jeez is this guy for real?'

"Yes I am." I replied. A girl across the table looked up from her lunch to look at me. Her eyes skittered across my face, then deemed me unimportant. I grinned and turned back to Meira, who was sitting there, her mind racing. "I've got an important thing to say, and that is, shut up your head."

"What?" Her mind was blank, weird phrasing usually worked like that.

"You're broadcasting to the whole school exactly what your thinking. Dont." (Okay, she wasnt, but I wanted to intimidate her a little.)

"Hey, i can think what I want." Meira said, her mind said something different. 'is thats why everyone's responding to what I'm thinking' were the words that accompanied a picture of her brother and the girl across the table.The girl across the table didnt react, I grinned wider, only I could pick up her thoughts, it came with special training with my own abilities.

"Look. You need to come with me, right now." I said, making my point again. I decided to add a threat to the order. "Or things can go very badly for your 'guardians.'"

The End

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