Galactic Legion

Meira has no idea what's happening to her when people start answering her thoughts. What she does know though is that nothing around her is a good sign right now.

Meira Whispers

"Oi! Meira!" I sigh and turn to my brothers voice.

"What, Luis?" I snap tapping my foot. He stops in front of me, a smile on his lips. He
holds out a package.

"Its for you" he says. I roll my eyes snatch it from his fingers and turn walking off. "Wait, Meira! Why are you so angry at me? I said I'm sorry, okay?"

"No, not okay, Luis" I sigh. "I'm your sister for god's sake. You can't just kiss your
bloody sister, okay?"

"We're not really related though. Your my adoptive sister. Which means theres
nothing wrong with it" Luis mumbled, easily walking at my side. God, sometimes I
hate how fit he is with his constant sport training.

"I still see you as my brother and nothing more" I say, emphasizing the 'nothing'.
Luis flinches and stops letting me walk away. God, why does he have to be such an

"Hey! I'm not an idiot" I freeze and spin round to see Luis glaring at me. I feel shock
shoot through my veins.

"What?" I choke out.

"I heard you, Meira. I'm not an idiot" he says then storms off. What the hell? I didn't
even say that out loud. I shake my head and head towards my locker. Where, of
course, Denis is waiting.

"Go away, Denis" I sigh. He shakes his head.

"Nope" he says with a cocky grin. I turn and glare into his eyes. He tenses and his
eyes almost go blank with a dreamy look.

"Go away" I hiss through clenched teeth. I watch as Denis walks away, no snarky
comment or back talk. I find myself shocked once again. What is happening? I turn
and look into my locker, then I jump back. I stare at my eyes completely shocked. They.... they can't be like that. I pull back my side fringe and step forward staring at the colour of my eyes.

"Wow, freaky" I jump and allow my fringe to hang back across my face. I turn to see
an unfamiliar face. He smiles as I almost stare at him with a dumb expression.

"Who.... who are you?" I mumble looking confused even more.

"Name's Alex. I'm here to recruit you, Miss Whispers" he says with a flashing smile. I stare then reality hits me. I scoff and pull out some books before slamming my locker shut.

"As if" I say, rolling my eyes. I pull my bag up onto my shoulder and begin to walk

"Have you hypnotised anyone yet?"

I stop and turn to look back at Alex. "What?" I squeak.

"I assume you have, right? I hope no one gets hurt cause you're being stupid" he says before walking away. I watch him with shock then clench my teeth. Jerk.

The End

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