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"A day without laughter is surely a day wasted!"

Charlie Chaplin

I'm wanting to be a Fire Man and I landed a spot in a onetime event where people interested in the fire service spent a whole twenty four hour shift learning, training and experiencing what an average day would be like as a fire man. I arrived very excited and couldn't wait to get started!

The morning was basic safety talks, outfitting, introducing myself to the crew and basically trying to blend in. The day was filled with drills, training and laughs as I slowly got more comfortable around the crew on call that shift. At about six in the afternoon the bell rang, we rushed down stairs, got dressed in all the safety gear, jumped in the truck, sirens blaring and left the fire house to a small suburb of the city. The operator that took the call told us it was a kitchen fire with a small boy in the house with his parents out.

Adrenaline pumping as we roared down the roads I was told by the senior officer to check the perimeter of the house and after they readied their equipment to wait by the door out of the way. Screeching to a halt outside this small two story house I leapt enthusiastically out of the truck (wanting to make a good impression) did what I was told then thought...'I should check to see if the front doors locked! If it is they'll need the door jack!' so I ran up to the door checked the door handle to see if it was hot (it wasn't) then twisted the door handle. I could feel the lock open but the door was stuck in the jam. Saving the fire crew the trouble I twisted the door handle and threw my shoulder into the door.

Stumbling into the houses hallway I was greeted by a family sat at their dining room table looking at me I'd just broken into their house. I couldn't smell smoke and I seriously doubted that a family would sit down for dinner with their kitchen on fire so called the fire chief. Eventually the whole crew was stood in the hall and doorway when we heard a tiny voice from upstairs say 'It's up here it's up here!' I followed everyone moving up stairs to a small room where the boy was sat on the carpet floor with the phone beside him. He'd drawn flames across his sister’s plastic Pretend Play Kitchen Set with a red crayon... 

The End

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