Meg hopped through the trees, hoping to come along some game. As she leaped, she thought, What a pretty blue the sky is today... WHAM! "Ouch..." Meg opened her eyes to see Atma, the village mute, rubbing his head, Meg was rubbing her head too.

"Oh!" she gasped. He just opened one eye and swinted at her. His face flushed with color. Meg bit her lip as they sat on the trees in silence. Crunches of leaves and twigs made them freeze. Zulfikar walked right under them. Meg was secretly praying that he wouldn't notice them up there, with bruises on their heads.

He would assume the worst!  She stared at Atma, he stared back. A small connection was made between them, that if he saw them, they would both be in trouble. Zulfikar stopped. Meg held her breathe.

The End

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