Dristi walked down bank of the freezing river, not minding the cold breeze in the air. She could feel the breeze pushing at the white sleeveless dress she always wore. As usual she could feel the weariness pushing at her body but there was no way she could sleep. It had been years since she'd had a proper nap. Every time she tried she would find the creature waiting for her in her nightmares. She had no idea what it looked like but she could hear it's voice whispering in her ear. Even during the day should could hear it. It was the only thing that terrified her in this dark, cruel world.

She heard a twig snap behind her and stopped walking. Dristi didn't bother to look. There would be no use for that. She was blind after all. Which always made Dristi laugh. The Elder had revealed to her parents that they were to name their child Dristi. Dristi means eyesight after all. Why couldn't he have said something like Duana? That actually meant dark and made a whole lot more sense than Dristi. She heard another footstep. Then another but by the second one, Dristi relaxed. She knew those footsteps.

"Zulfikar, you should know better than to sneak up on me." She turned and smiled at her only friend. Out of all the people in the village, Dristi had been surprised when the son of the Elder had decided to befriend the blind child. Dristi heard him come closer, chuckling as he did.

"I'll get you one of these days, Dris. I know I will." His footsteps stopped two feet in front of her. "You weren't at the house so I came looking for you."

"I thought you and your father were going hunting today. I wasn't expecting to see you until nightfall." Dristi said with a shrug.

"We were but... they found another body..." Zulfikar said, slowly and quietly. He wasn't supposed to reveal that kind of information to anyone else especially not Dristi. The Elder didn't even think of her of anything more than a rat. But Dristi was someone he didn't keep secrets from.

"Who was it?" Dristi asked concerned.

"No one from the village."

"That's good." Dristi said with relief. "Boy or girl?"

"Girl. I think she might have been from the town a few miles away but no one knows for sure." Zulfikar said. "I wonder who could be doing this?"

"You know my thoughts about that..." Dristi said simply. She could hear Zulfikar sigh. She felt his hand grab hers.

"I should get back before my father notices my absence. You should come back too." he said gently as she grabbed his other hand.

"Okay... I'll go home..." She felt his warm lips touch her forehead tenderly and she leaned up and kissed his lips.

The End

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