Full Moon

This is just a fantasy about ancient people and their connection with wolves. I hope this turns out good!



   Once, Long ago, before the Gods left this world, there was a Pack. A Pack of Wolves. One night, a young girl went hunting, alone. She walked into the Wolves camp. The Wolves were upon her in seconds. But, she pleaded mercy, she did not know where she was. She was lost and alone. The Wolves didn't know what to do, so they took her to their Elder Wolv. He was very grand and prideful. "Who is this, you bring before me?" "It is I," said the young girl, "I was lost hunting and I went into your camp unknowingly. I am sorry. Please have mercy!" She fell to the ground and wept. The Elder Wolv looked down on her and felt pity. "You have broken many laws coming into this camp young one. I will have mercy, but," he paused for a moment, as if thinking what to do, "you must come here every full moon for the next 36 ciycles. Tell not one other human." She thanked the Elder and departed. She fulfilled her promise. Every full moon she went, and every full moon, the wolves welcomed her and took her as their own. When it was near the end of her promise, she said, " Elder, I have told no one of this, but I make one request," she held her breath for the answer. The Elder Wolv sighed, "Who do you wish to tell?" "My husband, Elder," At this, the Elder Wolv closed his eyes and answered in a deep voice, "You may, but this will extend your promise, and his. " She bowed her head and departed. The husband went with her the next full moon, and was shocked to find a tribe of Wolves. The girl begged him to keep it a secret. He promised, but not for long. He broke his promise to her and the Wolves. Her heart was broken and never repaired. The man, he turned into a Wolvman and lived a life worse then death. Every full moon, his nails would grow into claws, his skin would grow fur, his face would distort, and look like a wolf's face. But have the shape of a man. The girl died soon after, but before, she bore a child. The Child was half wolv, half man. He had ears like a wolv's and wolv eyes, wolv claws, but the rest was human. This is his descendant's story.

The End

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