Rianna - Tying up brocolli

"Tie him up!" I yell.

All the berries scream and attack the single helpless brocolli that fell into our sink. He quishes a few of my fellow cousin berries but we finally tie him up with the cats string that we stole.

"Tell us your plan Brocolli" I say. "Oh and whats your name?"

"Uh, Boris" he mumbles.

"Nice to meet you" I say smiling. "Now tell us your plan!" I yell.

"No! We deserve the fruit bowl" he shouts.

"But your vegtables...... why would you live in a Fruit bowl?" I say confused.

He stutters for a second then yells. "We want freedom" he say angrily.

"But you're out you have it. So stop squishing our family into juice"

"Not until we have our rights?" he says.

Great this is going no where. "Throw him out the sink"

"What? No. Ahhhh!!!!" I think he'll survive.

The End

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