Caitlin: An Army of Peas

I see all the Veg charge towards us. Percy the peach is immediately taken down by Penny the pea. Oh, now it's on!

"Hey! Pea girl! Pick on someone your own size!" I yell, picking up a barbecue skewer and waving it at her. 

"Oh, oh bring it on!" she yells back and charged at me. I deflect the plastic baby's fork with my skewer. To tell you the truth, it's pretty strong plastic. The witch comes over and tries to grab our weapons, but I just jab her hand and she backs away screaming. I give a jab at Penny and the fork goes flying. 

"Ha! Take that!" I shout. Then, something I would've never expected happens. All of Penny's brothers, sisters, aunties, uncles, cousins, all her relatives come flowing over the kitchen worktop with various kitchen utensils. "Uhh... Charlie?"


"Grab your twin, I need some help!"

"Right!" he grabs his twin and dives into an open drawer. He emerges with a miniture hot glue gun, and his sister with a mini water pistol. She fills it up, and they both fire. Wow! I dive into the drawer, looking for something better to use than a skewer.

The End

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