Rianna the Raspberry

I run across the table. Sophie the Strawberry and Bella the Blueberry chasing me.

"Wait up Rianna" They yell.

"Never" I joke then jump. I bouce of the bin then up on to the draining board.

"Uh, messing fruit" the witch curses. She flicks at me but I dodge and run off to the window sill near her precious flowers.

"Too slow you old witch" I yell back. She pouts then marches out the room.

Its too late for her to turn the spell off its been activated to long. Sophie and Bella catch up.

"You are way to cheeky Rianna" Bella gasps.

I shake my head then sit down looking out at the garden. "I would go out but the birds are out" I say a bit upset.

"Hmm, thats a problem. I think I saw Andrew go out" Sophie says.

"The Apricot?" I say unsure.

"MmmHmm" Sophie says nodding.

"Ahhh!!!" The noise comes from outside.

"Too bad" Bella says. "His family wont be happy"

We all shake our heads in sink then burst out laughing. I love being a fruit.

The End

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