Fruit Friends

The childrens tale from the Fruit bowl
Fruit Friends versus Veggie Villians

Once upon a time, in a kitchen, in a house, in the middle of nowhere lived a clumsy witch. One day, she was slicing up a loaf of bread with her wand when she caught her finger with the spell. Screaming and flinging the wand, a spell began to happen. It hit the fruits in the fruit bowl and a big bang happened with lots of beautiful colours. The wand bounced out of the bowl and into the open vegetable cooler on the bottom of the fridge. Then something magic happened.

The witch had left the room, so did not see what she had created. Inside the fruit bowls and veggie coolers the foods began to grow arms and legs, eyes and ears...and a life. She had turned the fruits into little fruit people.

The fruits could run around and play in the fruit bowl while the vegetables could only just see daylight. The vegetables grew jealous and started a war on the fruits. A war they would not soon forget.

The End

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