Meet the Top Ten: Twine BennettMature

I'm just exercising my character development skills. A story will likely come of this.

Despite having been surrounded by people her entire life, Twine Bennett felt so alone. It hadn't always been that way though. When she was younger, things had been great. She'd become an older sister to Derek, she had a best friend, Tammy Fitzherbert, and she had so much potential as a dancer. But when her thirteenth birthday rolled around, she started to feel different than everyone else. She saw her friends Elizabeth (Tammy's younger sister), and Hugo Haddock, another friend of hers being all friendly. She watched her parents flirt and be romantic and she couldn't feel it. The stories told around the campfire, about the daring prince who saves the princess, didn't make sense to her. She had seen everyone around her falling in love, or being in love, and she didn't know whet to make of it. Her mother had told her that her prince would come, but by the time she was fourteen, she decided she didn't want her prince. She would never be in love with a boy.

Now in her day and age, to come to a realization like that was to think you were insane or bewitched. Twine knew neither of those were true. She knew her own mind, she knew her own feelings, and she knew that she was deeply in love with Tammy. It drove her insane. The princess attended a boarding school in Twine's kingdom, and would be there until she turned eighteen. She would then return home and become queen in place of her mother. Twine was jeopardizing the future of a kingdom, and her parents' places in the royal court. Her father was the leader of the king's private vanguard, and her mother was close personal friends with the queen. Twine herself was rubbing elbows with the finest the kingdom had to offer. Her quaint little life could fall apart like that if she were honest about her feelings.

The only option was to shut everyone out. Twine stopped dancing, never spent time with anyone out of choice, and reached the top of her class due to sheer determination. She studied and did extra work just to keep her mind off Tammy or how terrible her life would be if anyone found out. She pushed herself so hard that she would collapse from sleep deprivation, malnourishment, dehydration, stress, you name it. It was only when her parents forced her to take care of herself that she bothered to. Her wavy russet hair began to thin, her peircing green eyes became sunk into her skull, she became nearly stick thin. Derek tried to talk to her about it, but each time, she shut him out.

Only one oppurtunity ever came about for her to come to terms with her sexual orientation. The thing about this kingdom was that the princess had to be taken from her parents at birth for safekeeping. She had returned home on her eighteenth birthday, when Twine was twenty-one and Tammy was twenty-four. The princess, Diana Overland, had met Prince Liam Nuagier and had fallen so completely for him, and he for her, that they became engaged only five hours after meeting each other. The queen of course had thought this was insane and pointed it out. Diana became to greif-stricked that she had taken Liam and ran away to the mountains. Her adoptive sister, Connie, Queen Vanessa's best friend's children, Enya and Hugo, and the king himself had gone off to bring her home. Connie, Enya, and Hugo hadn't returned. King Jackson had returned home with no luck. He had seen no sign of Diana or any of the others, and neither had any of the locals.

It was around the eighth week of Diana's disapperance that Tammy offered to search for them. She had personally asked Twine to accompany her. They had once been very close friends, refusing to search for the princess would result in angering the king, upsetting Tammy, and arousing suspicion as to why she was avoiding Tammy. Although every syllable caused a sharp pain in her abdomen, Twine swallowed her discomfort and agreed to search for Diana. Twine put on her coziest green dress, wore warm shoes and cloak, shouldered her pack and climbed into a local mountaineer's sleigh. He was the only one who could take them to where the others had last been seen. Unfortunately, this gave them three hours to talk. And that is where our story begins.

Ten individuals. All have a secret. All have a desire. All have a dream. But not all dreams can come true. This is Frosters.

The End

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