From the perspective of the birthday card

I wear a plastic sleeve to protect my 'upholstered' front. In big letters the words 'Your 21st' are sprawled across my front in dark midnight blue glitter. There is of course a martini glass... Strategically placed. I catch a few glances from the young and wild, their eyes  smoldering at the thought of an alcohol induced night. 

After I am exchanged from hand to hand, my plastic sleeve is removed in a hurry. They look at me like "let's make it quick, we're only doing this to be polite". They open me up, I feel rather exposed but excited to see the message pressed into the inside of me with a black ball point pen, intimately caressing my surface with the gentle roll of the ball in swift motions. It feels so good to bear such love filled words. I'm quickly enveloped in a paper casket, for what seems like hours. Suddenly my paper casket is ripped away from me and some young boy with gold flecked green eyes glances over me. I feel flattered and a little shy... He opens me up and reads he message tattooed to me by another familiar lover. He grins and hugs the messenger. He props me up on his desk. I feel adored. Then they leave the room in a flurry of party outfits and champagne in hand and I'm alone.

The End

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