From the Ground.

Since my world-building thread fell apart and died, I'm now building a world on my own. If you guys want to add, I guess you can PM me or comment.

Erus is a world the size of Earth, and a little closer to the sun. It is dominated by water, with more than 80% water, and 20% land. The water is divided into six oceans: The Eastern Ocean, the Torric, Tranatic, Malleic, the Barinese, and the Finean. The land is divided into four continents: Aurea, Alerias, Peralea, and Sanguinos. Aurea is shaped like a rough, two-fingered hand with the thumb pointing west, and is about the  size of Europe. It sits at around the sixty degree line North. Alerias has a large, nearly rectangular body the size of Austrailia, as well as a 'panhandle' the size of Scandinavia (but half as long), pointing Southeast. Peralea is a largely tropical continent, situated at twenty degrees south of the equator, and extending down ten and up thirty. Sanguinos includes the three archipelagos surrounding it, named the Taleos islands, the Malideos islands, and the Barealos islands. The continent itself is shaped like a bent key.

The End

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