"Plotto" is a 1928 book by William Wallace Cook which allegedly has every kind of plot known to man (and beyond). Sometimes I'll pull from this book randomly for exercises. The titles of the pages are the numbers of the conflicts.

Xavier Gardener drank from the stein and slapped the waitress on the ass.

She turned around and punched him in the arm.

The rest of his crew laughed as Xav rocked with the hit, falling into his buddy next to him, and the two of them toppled off the bench at the brauhaus, onto the wooden floor.  Xav came up laughing as well, helping John up as well.  "Davey, anothe round, goddammit - she made me spill my beer!"

"You still got some there," Davey said, waving his own stein around.

Xav stumbled back onto the bench, and John slid in next to him.  "Take the bottle, take it down, pass it aroun'..." he was singing the Pearl Jam song, and badly.

Two big burly men showed up, and gazed at the other four menancingly.  Behind them came another guy, smaller but looking like he had authority.  "You guys have had enough," he said, and glanced at one of the two men. 

The man slapped down the check.  "Pay up."

"Where's the waitress?" asked George. 

"I'm your fuckin' waiter.  Pay up."

"Jesus," said Xav, and pulled out his wallet.  All four of them got out their wallets and put money down on the check.  They dithered about who needed to pay for what, and how much the tip was. 

"Fuck the tip,"snarled John.

"That's right!" Xav said and got up, swaying.  John listed to the left as well, and the burly guy grabbed him, straightening him out.

"Who's designated driver?"

"Me," said George, raising his hand.  He wasn't but he had drank the least amount, three steins of beer.  The rest had been on their sixth when the waitress incident happened. 
They were escorted to the door, though Xav turned around to the place and yelled, "Next round is on the house!" before walking out.  Actually, he was physically manhandled out.
"Xav, you crazy fuck!" said John, laughing. 

Xavier started walking out into the parking lot.  "Let's get a new car!  I see one across the street."

"No, let's go back to the dorm," said George, but Xav was heading to the parking lot entrance.  He was walking without looking.

The parking lot entrance led out to a four-lane road, and some people took the corner to come into the brauhaus way too fast.  As the other three milled around, they watched Xav step out to the middle of the corner - at the same time a BMW came whipping into the parking lot.

Xavier loved Andrea since sixth grade.  They were inseperable then.  He'd always try to push her on the swing, and then jump on the swing next to hers, pumping himself so that he would match her swings.  He would reach for her hand, though missing sometimes, and they would slap hands, or he would actually get a hold of it and swing in sync with her for a short time....

The End

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