Riku: Changing Classes

"No no no! It's three steps then back flip into the splits!" I know!!! I screamed silently in my head as my dance teacher droned on again. She was always getting after me! Why me? Rolling my eyes, I did as she told me and finished right as the bell rang.

"Good work everyone! I expect you all on time tomorrow!" Everyone left leaving me alone.

"Fine! Don't help me! I got it!" I pulled myself out of the splits doing a somersault. Jogging over to my locker I pulled out my water bottle and took a drink before quickly changing into my casual clothes. Pulling on the elastic band at the end of the braid that had held my hair back, I began unraveling it as I walked down the hall to Soc. Studies. I walked into the room just as the second bell rang. I sat down at my desk just as the teacher came in.

"Good morning everyone. Please welcome a new student: Lily." The teacher, Ms. Coltz, introduced Lily as she came in. "Lily, please pick a seat." I grinned really big at her and gestured her to the seat next to me. She smiled faintly and sat down next to me.

"We are going to have so much fun! You won't believe the things we do in here." I whispered to her. Ms. Coltz continued.

"Alright. Lily, you'll be study buddies with Riku, who is on your left." She indicated me with her head. "She is the one who is grinning her head off."

"We've already met Ms. Coltz. She knows me." I answered plainly.

"Alright on with the lesson. Today we will be making miniature log houses out of small sticks......"

The End

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