Kalia: Getting More Stranger

While Riku skipped down the hall we decided we should get moving as well before we all got detention. Talia went to science with Lily, Toni and Cal went to their class leaving me to walk alone toward PE one of my favorite subjects.

We were outside playing kickball which is something we do right after we finish a unit. I was standing in the out field waiting for the person to kick the ball when something caught my eye. It was the man again. I didn't know if I was the only one who ever noticed him or if Talia saw him as well but I couldn't continue thinking of that because just right then the ball came and hit me right in my face.

I fell on the ground and everyone walked over to me. I couldn't identify faces because everything was fuzzy. I felt someone help me up and steady me so I couldn't fall.

"I'm okay." I managed to say, my vision was coming back

"Pay attention Kalia. We don't want to have you go to the nurse's office." my teacher said. I nodded and the game continued. Finally the bell rang to go get changed.

Once I was changed I splashed my face with some water and waited for the bell that signaled for the period to end.

The End

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