"Good grief Cal! You're always acting so old fashioned." I came down the hall on my way to dance class on the other side of the school. "Anyways, what's your name?"

"Lily." She answered shyly.

"Lily, cute name. My name is Riku." I smiled. One of the smaller strands of my waist-length brown hair fell in my face. I ignored it.

"Nice to meet you." She smiled a little.

"What's your next period?"

"Science." Kalia (or Talia) answered. I could never keep them straight.

"What's after science for you?" I tilted my head a little.'

"Social Studies." Now Lily was smiling fully.

"Great! I don't have a study buddy yet, so you might be my study buddy!" I smiled at her before checking the clock. "I got to run. My dance teacher will be mad if I'm late again. See ya at Soc. Studies!" Waving, I skipped down the hall, since I couldn't run.

The End

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