"Room for me in this group hug?" i asked tapping the girls shoulder. she turned to face me.

"Callum!" she cried jumping on me and giving me a hug "your backk!"

"i-cant-breath- Kalia" i gasped. she let go looking sorry.

I laughed "dont worry i was only messing girly!" i gave her a one armed hug and then looked at Toni.

"You been looking after the girls when i was on holiday?" i asked him menacingly.

he chuckled and slapped me on the back "of course i have man!" he replied "no-ones going to harm Kalia and Talia" he laughed again, putting his arm around Talia's shoulder. Talia smiled at me and waved.

"so how was your holiday Call?" Kalia asked me excitedly as we stood in a huddle by the classroom door still. I pushed my hand through my dark brown, shortish, messy hair and smiled.

"yeah was good, i'll tell you about it later.... but right now" i said swiftly swirling round and catching the new girls hand "i would like to know who this ravishing beauty is"

i bowed and pulling her hand to my lips kissed it in an old fashioned way. My bright blue eyes looked deep into hers.

"Bonjour Madam" i winked "what name goes with such elegant beauty?"

The End

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