Talia: Lily

"Um. Hi." the new girl said. I think Mr. Lion said her name was Lily.

"Alright Lily you can take the empty seat next to Kalia there. Kalia? Would you wave so Lily knows where you are?" Kalia waved and Lily nervously sat down next to her. Once the bell rang for first period to end I walked over to my sister and Lily.

"Hey." I said "I'm Talia and this is my sister Kalia." we smiled and Lily smiled faintly

"I wonder how I'm going to be able to tell you two apart." She said and we all laughed. Just then Miss I-Think-I'm-All-That walked over. She pushed infront of us and smiled at Lily.

"Hello." she said sweetly "I'm Lizzi. Your name's Lily right?" Lily nodded shyly "Well Lily," Lizzi took Lily's arm and pulled her out of the classroom away from us. We walked behind them just incase we needed to save Lily. "I'm going to give you some advice on being accepted here." Lily glanced at us then turned back to Lizzi. "You see the Twins behind us? Well you can absolutly not be friends with them."

"Why can't people be friends with them?" said Toni one of the more popular boys but he wasn't popular in the way that Lizzi was. Yet Lizzi still had a huge crush on him.

"Well why would you care?" Lizzi said "I haven't see you with them." Kalia and I had to suppress our laughter. Toni was actually a childhood friend of ours yet I don't think Lizzi knew that.

"I'm been with them. Many times. You just haven't noticed." Toni put his arms around our shoulders making Lizzi go red in the face.

"Whatever." she turned back to Lily "Well I'll see you later Lil." with that said she stalked away.

The End

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