From Normal to Dangerous

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I groaned as the alarm began ringing. Why did school have to start so early? I got up, yawning, and walked over to where my identical twin sister, Kalia, was sleeping in her bed. I grabbed a pillow from the window seat and threw it at her head.

"Wake up sleepy head." I said as she sleepily grabbed the pillow and turned to face me.

"Can't I just stay here for five more minutes?" she sat up and looked around still half asleep. I smile faintly

"I'm sorry Kali but you can't. You know that mom will kill us if we do." She finally got up and we quickly changed then went downstairs for breakfast.


On the way to school there was this strange man dressed in black watching us pass by and I got this weird feeling that he knew us. I wasn't sure what Talia thought but he freaked me out. I was so happy when we turned the corner and walked into school. We met up with our friend, Casey, then went to our first peirod class. Once the bell rang our awesome history teacher, Mr. Lion stood up infront of the class.

"Good morning everyone." he smiled "Today I have an announcement." I leaned back in my chair. "We're going to have a new student with us today. I hope you make them feel welcome." This make Talia and me glance at each other. The house accross the street had been sold to someone and we hadn't seen the new family yet and we were hoping that they had a kid our age. Maybe this was them! Just then the door opened as the new student came in.

The End

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