Being MovedMature

"Oh, um, yes. He is here" Kenna said biting her lower lip as her brow creased a little as she concentrated on what the person at the other end of the line was saying. She made these little noises of understanding to things being stead and her head moved in a nod every time even though the other person couldn't see that. "Well, I'll let him know" she said in a way that signified the call was drawing to a close. She peered over at me a frown still creasing her features. "Yes, goodnight"

She pressed the end call button but hesitated to put the phone back in the cradle. I waited patiently for Kenna to go on to explain but she didn't looking down at the phone with a frown creasing her features. "Kenna? Who was that?" I said cautiously confused why something was confusing her so much.

"Um, it was the man in charge of the theatre program. He said to tell you to pack your stuff cause they're having you moved to a hotel"

"What?" I said standing up. "Why?"

"They got a call from another student saying that you were acting inappropriate with your hosting family" Kenna says looking at me. "What do they mean by that?"

I went back through the rules in my mind. "Romantic involvement with people while participating in the program isn't allowed"

"But we're not.." She flushed looking down at her feet unable to continue her sentence. "I mean you've only just asked me out..."

I watched Kenna's cheeks grown more and more pink which brought a hint of a smile to my lips despite the situation. Then everything clicked. Kate. Her comment about Kenna. She would have noticed I'd left the party early and the fact Kenna wasn't there either.

I groaned pushing my hands back through my hair. "What?" Kenna said seeing my stress. "What is it?"

"Kate. Kate called them. She... She could tell I liked you" I said looking at Kenna who flushed. "It's her who called them"

The End

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