I felt guilty, as I slipped into my pajamas - a plain grey pullover sweatshirt and a pair of baggy black sweatpants. Ginger had always made fun of my pajamas wardrobe, especially because I often wore flannel long-sleeves in the summer or thin-material shorts in the winter. Oh, well. Ginger could think what she wanted.

My hair fell in front of my eyes. Frustrated, I tucked it back into my hood, then pulled the hood up over my face. Glancing in the mirror, I couldn't help but chuckle a little. I looked ridiculous, with my hood pulled over my head like that.

My chuckle was short-lived, however. My thoughts went back to the events that had transpired. Guilt washed over me - again - as I considered the rude way I'd left Leonardo. He hadn't needed to follow me home; I knew the reason he'd followed me was probably out of pity or something.

I considered going to talk to Leonardo and explain myself, as much as I wanted to hide away. But wouldn't that just make things more awkward? Maybe, I was better off in my room, avoiding facing my problems. Yes, I had been rude, but I was worrying myself too much over it. It was time to go to sleep. It wasn't time to blow my "problems" way out of proportion.

I wondered where Mom was, in all this. She'd gone out for dinner with a group of her "girlfriends," which meant she was probably back by now. I wondered what her opinion was of us being out so late.

Sighing, I muttered to myself, "Kenna, you're just being a worrywart, and you know it."

Gaze darting over to the door, I weighed my options. I could continue to be rude and just go to bed, refusing to try to make amends with Leonardo. Admittedly, this seemed like the best option. Or I could leave my room and actually talk to the guy. I mean, he'd left the party for me! Couldn't I go talk to him? Surely, I owed him that much.

Or maybe, I'm just overthinking the whole thing.

I stared at the door, daring it to open of its own accord so that my decision could be made for me. Finally, I dragged myself off the bed, remembering just in time that I was still wearing my hood. I pulled the hood off my head and shook out my hair a little. Berating myself the entire way, I opened my door and headed out in search of Leonardo.

The End

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