This guy went up to Kenna a while later. I was meant to be talking to Kate but when I saw this guy near Kenna my eyes glued to them. Was this a guy she liked? Or just a friend? I mean I had no right to ask. Not when I had just done what I had with Kate. "Hey, Leo?" Kate's voice cut though.

"Hmm?" I said turning to look at her but my eyes flicking to Kenna every so often. Kate noticed and scowled stepping up close in this flirtacious way.

"I was hoping to go 'look around' again" she said in a way that really meant not looking around but a repeat of earlier events. I shook my head and Kate scowled forming this ugly jealous look over her face. "Why not? Cause of her"

Her eyes glanced at Kenna. "Huh?"

"I've seen you drooling over her" Kate said clutching her drink tight between her hands. "Do you not actually like me? Do you like her?"

"I don't.... I don't like anyone. I barely know both of you" I lied because really I was starting to think I did like Kenna. She was timid in that adorable way. When she found herself stuck she got this puzzled look on her face where her eyes were wide allowing the hazel to shine out and lips slightly parted that made them look so kissable. I bet if I tried to kiss them though she wouldn't let me. She wasn't like Kate.

Kate was the sort of girl to jump straight into my bed cause she found me attractive. There would be no deep meaning to it. She was just like every other vain girl only caring about money and looks. Me having both made me a target for her clutching little claws and while it was nice to play a little I wasn't the sort of guy to go much further than cheeky kisses in dark corners.

"Sure you don't" snapped Kate who stormed off. I hesitated going after her seeing Kenna still with that guy wanting to draw her away so I could talk to her but I was going to have to deal with Kate on Monday when it rolled around so I couldn't leave her this Saturday night on bad footing.

So I went after Kate finding her acting all mooding in the back garden. "Hey, look, Kate. I'm sorry. I'm just not the sort of guy to rush around liking people" I said putting a hand on both of her shoulders.

She relaxed peering up at me with these meant to be innocent eyes but I could still see the seductive glint in the corner of them. The part that wanted to grab and kiss me. Honestly that did get me going a little but I pushed those thoughts away. I was already feeling to much like a player with Kenna and Kate I didn't want to dig the hole any deeper. "Are you being honest with me?" Kate asked.

"Yes" I said letting go. "Come on. This is a party. Everyone's probably gonna get annoyed with us vanishing off all the time"

"Yeah" she forced and smile. Turning on her heels she headed back into the house while I hesitated peering up at the stars.

I then headed in bumping into someone almost instantly. "Sorry" I said and quickly caught them before they fell over. Kenna peered up at me and flushed.

"Um, hi"

"Hey" I said. "Where you going?"

"Home... this really isn't my thing"

"Oh" I said looking into the main area. "You going back by yourself?"

She nodded and I frowned. "Its alright" she tried to reassure but part of me wasn't comfortable with her heading back on her own and another part of me was disappointed with Josh. Who lets there sister drive home on their own?

"I'll come with you"


"Lets go" I said ushering her out of the house before she could protest about me coming with her. The drive was silent awkwardly so and I really wanted to know what Kenna was thinking. There was this really firm look on her face which told me she was deep in thought but I didn't pry. Instead I turned on the radio. Kenna glanced at it then back to the road.

"We'll be home soon. There isn't much point turning that on" she said in a quiet voice.

"I like the noise" 

"Noise?" Kenna questions confused.

"I don't like silence its uninspiring"

"Oh sorry" she says quick to blame herself for the lack of discussion.

I frowned at her a little. "Why are you sorry?"

"I'm not really being good company" she said and turned up into her drive. "I guess I'm thinking about a lot"

"Like what?" I asked. She seemed to consider answering then got out of the car. I did also and we headed up into the house. "Goodnight then"

"Goodnight" she replied and hesitated before going to her room while I flopped onto the couch letting out a long sigh.

What was I doing getting myself messed up with all these girls? I was meant to be studying my theatre over here.

The End

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