Remind Me Why I Came...Mature

It all fell into place, when I saw Kate drag Leonardo away.

I don't belong here, and I don't belong with Leonardo. What was I thinking? As I watched my friends laugh and have a good time, I nervously shifted from foot to foot and imagined where Leonardo was, and what he was doing. It wasn't a very pleasant thought. Still, I had more faith in him than to think he was falling for Kate's stupid schemes. Remind me why I came to this, in the first place...

A small bit of time passed, before Leonardo appeared again. I was slightly relieved to see him - only slightly, as he had an unreadable look on his face. It almost seemed like guilt, but I couldn't be sure. Only when my eyes swung to Kate's disappointed eyes did I allow myself to breathe a sigh of true relief.

It was then that some kid from my school, Breck, headed over, wearing that smile that was probably meant to be attractive. At first, I felt flattered. Since when did guys come over to talk to me? But then, inwardly groaned. I didn't know how to flirt!

"Hey, Breck," I said, aware of how Leonardo's gaze followed me for a moment.

"Hey, Kenna. I didn't know you were here," Breck said, holding some sort of drink that I couldn't have named, even if I'd tried.

"We just got here. A group of us." It took a lot of effort to keep from glancing to see if Leonardo was still watching. "Ginger roped me into coming." Nope, Leonardo wasn't watching anymore. I wondered if it was as hard for him not to watch me, as it was for me not to watch him.

Who cared if Leonardo was watching or not? And then, an idea came to mind. What if I started flirting with Breck, just to make Leonardo jealous? It felt cruel and manipulative, but wasn't it worth it? I contemplated my plan of attack. I'd seen plenty of flirting during my years, but where would I draw the line? If Breck made a silly comment, should I giggle coquettishly and slap his shoulder? I didn't know. I'd never really done this before. But it was worth it, wasn't it?

"That's cool," said Breck, and then, I didn't catch the rest of what he said, because Leonardo chose that moment to look at me, and I decided. It definitely wasn't worth it.

The End

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