I had always wanted to go to an american teen house party but it turned out they weren't much different. Except they had a pool that you could actually swim in cause it wasn't too cold. Then they also had a hot tub.

Anyway, when we arrived we were quickly welcomed by Mike from the group of people that went shopping. "Hey! Oh cool you invited friends" he said blatantly checking Kate and Charlie out. 

"Eyes up, mister" Charlie teased her voice thick with her Spanish accent which Mike seemed to love which is when Mollie turned up and knocked him over the head a little. It quickly made me work her out to be his girlfriend. Not that it was cause she hit him over the head. More from when she wrapped her arms round his waist clearly saying he's mine.

Charlie pouted just a little and Josh laughed. "Where are the drinks, dude?" he asked confidently leading our group in.

"Kitchen as usual" Mike grinned help yourself closing the door after Kenna who was shuffling at the back of our little group. 

I began to move over when Kate caught me. "Hey, lets check out the house. Yeah?" she said taking hold of my hand right in front of Kenna. I opened my mouth to protest but she was already pulling me off. Ginger gave me a scowl like it was my fault before going to her friend.

It wasn't my fault really.... was it? I groaned in confusion which caused Kate to glance at me. "Something wrong?" she asked turning to face me moving close to me in a very seductive way in those tight jeans. Also the way she held my hand caused my fingers to brush her hips and I watched her shiver which made me swallow nervously. It also made me want more.

"Um, no, its just I feel bad for abandoning the guys back there" I said smiling nervously.

She bit her lower lip and looked up at me from under her eyelashes causing need to stir within me. "Do you wanna go back?" she whispered pouting a little at the end of her sentence and glancing down then back up at the way. Everything she did just further drew me in and in. 

I tried to think of Kenna but with Kate stood in front of me all glossy hair and bright red kissable lips. "Well, we, um" I coughed trying to keep some restraint. "We did come with the group"

"I suppose" she said and fiddled with a button on my shirt. "I was actually hoping to have you alone for a moment"

"What for?"


Her lips pressed to mine fast and I should have pushed her away. I really should have. All I felt for Kate was plain physical attraction. As she hooked her thumb in my belt loop though and drew out hips together, them brushing as they did so, I knew there was no turning back. 

The time to push her away had passed so I grabbed her hips and drew her in. I kissed her heavily playfully nipping her lip as I pressed her up to a wall. Her hands fumbled with the button on my trouser which is when something cleared in my head and I pulled back. "No, not that" I gasped out.

Kate bit her lip so seductively I nearly caved in and let her. Quickly though I buttoned up my trouser and shook back shaking my head. "Okay, maybe later" she smiled taking my hand again and pulling me back to the group. None of them worked out what had happened although Kenna looked upset but I knew it was just the fact Kate had snatched me away.

Kenna.... Shit, I was starting to feel like crap for what I'd done now.

The End

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