Party TimeMature

"At half six" I called passed Josh who had taken over the doorway. 

"Um, okay. Thanks" Kenna stuttered in so I moved on.

"Bagsie the shower" 

"Dude!" Josh complained after me while I just laughed slipping into my room. The rest of theatre had been quite uneventful. Josh, Kate, Charlie and me had all banded together in a sort of mini group. Charlie was quite the flirt and tried it on with Josh who had shot her down instantly. 

Gathering my towels and shampoo I headed to the bathroom finding it look. "Oi!" I said hearing Josh chuckle from inside.

"Snooze you lose" he retorted. Shaking my head I put my stuff back in my bedroom and went to get a drink finding Kenna also doing the same thing. 

"How was your day?" I asked and watched her jump in shock before spinning round on me. Upon seeing me she relaxed but it was obvious her embarrassment from me spooking her. I couldn't stop the smile slipping onto my lips.

"Um, I just did homework" she shrugged and opened her can tipping back the liquid into her throat. I couldn't stop my eyes wandering but she quickly caught me and I forced myself to look away seeing she was embarrassed by my obvious approval of her looks.

Not everything was about looks I knew but well.... it was nice for the person you liked to have them. Although, I shouldn't be messing here. I was only staying for half a year then I'd be gone not sure whether I could return seeing as it was very expensive to travel here.

"Well, this party should be a good end to the day for you" I smiled. "Me and Josh invited some people from our club to the party"

Kenna nodded and a silence settled between us. There was so many things I could say but if she didn't want to hear them then it would make things awkward. "Done!" Josh's voice suddenly yelled.

I rocked on my heels and flash Kenna a smile. "My turn"

"Of course" she laugh and I felt her eyes on me as I left. The shower itself was just like any other shower. Water tumbling onto me and over my skin washing the muck off. Making me feel refreshed and clean. I was just tugging on my t-shirt when I heard the door.

"I'll get it!" Josh yelled. Well, he was the only one who could seeing as Kenna had just left her shower. I heard her past my door then slip into her own room which is when I left mine. Didn't want to make things more awkward now did I?

Doing up the last few buttons of my shirt I went to meet our guests finding Kate and Charlie along with Ginger who was hugging Josh's waist possessively as she eyed up the girls.

"Hey" I smiled as I came into the room grabbing my shoes from the shoe rack and slipping them on.

"Hey" Kate said softly pushing her hair behind her ear. It was curled and in this light her hair shone auburn. She wore skinny jeans that hugged her slim legs and wide hips which was accompanied by an off the shoulder top. With her hair pulled back the top allowed access to the shoulder, neck and lips for intimate moments.

I quickly pushed those thoughts from my mind. "Kenna, just left the shower. Will she be a while?"

"Probably" Josh laughed. "She is a girl"

That comment got him an elbow in the ribs from Ginger. Seeing as Kenna was gonna be a while we settled down for drinks. I soon enough had finished mine and went to the kitchen to fetch the second round. I closed the fridge door only to find Kate had been hidden behind it.

I jumped a little. "Gosh, you made me jump" I laughed and opened my can of coke. Seeing as we weren't really allowed alcohol we would save giving into that urge till the party.

"Sorry" Kate apologized with a soft smile. 

"Kate, Leo" Josh called. "Ken is ready"

"Ken?" Kate questioned.

"I think that's his nickname for Kenna" I laughed and we headed out to the living room. When we came out Kenna's back was too me but as she turned round it felt like time slowed. She looked beautiful.

Not sexy or cute or any sort of mere beauty. She looked absolutely stunning and with her I noticed where the time in getting ready had gone. Her lip gloss made her soft lips stand out in a way that made me want to kiss her. Her dress flowed around her in a way that made me imagine what was underneath. Even her tights that hugged her slim legs made her all that more perfect.

"Uh, wow" I said.

Kenna flushed while Ginger grinned at her. "Dude!" Josh complained. "Don't drool over my sister"

"Sorry" I laughed and collected myself trying not to look at Kenna full on cause if I did I'd lose myself in her all over again. Instead I glanced at Kate who was stiff and looking at Kenna like she wanted to kill her. It was a horrid stare and full of jealousy. Over what I didn't know. 

Maybe beauty? Did girls get jealous when someone was prettier than them?

"Lets go!" Josh hooted and led the group out. I slipped my way over to Kenna.

Leaning in I nudged her lightly. "You look beautiful" I complimented then headed off to join Josh at the front.

The End

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