School was...well, it was school. While Leonardo went and did his thing at the theatre place, I settled down for a weekend of homework. The party would be that night, giving me less time than usual to catch up on my assignments. Why Leonardo's theatre instructor had chosen to have his students meet on a weekend, I didn't know, but at least it gave me a chance to collect my thoughts, before my dashing exchange student returned home.

Pulling out some paper supplies from my desk, I sorted through a box of notecards - some used, some unused - and found enough notecards to write out my Spanish vocabulary. Sighing, I chose my most colorful Sharpies and began to print, in very careful and precise lettering, the new Spanish words.

Of course, I knew better than to leave my phone out while studying. If I didn't silence it or put it away, then I would end up texting friends instead of dutifully completing homework. I silenced my phone, threw it onto my bed, and sat up straight at my desk. I had to get my homework finished. Otherwise, I would never allow myself to go to the party.

Pink, orange, purple, black, green - I sorted through my colored Sharpies, before deciding on a dark yellow. I was about to start on the next notecard, when someone knocked softly on my door.

"Yes?" I called, instantly aware of the fact that Leonardo would have arrived home fifteen minutes ago.

"Hey, Ken, I need to borrow your laptop charger. I can't find mine anywhere." It was Josh's voice.

Wincing at my brother's use of my old nickname, "Ken," I called back, "It's downstairs, on the living room floor. And - " I was about to ask Josh to keep from calling me "Ken," but decided against it. He would want to know why I was suddenly opposed to my nickname, and I couldn't very well tell him that it was because I felt self-conscious around Leonardo Alande.

I could practically hear the impatience my brother was feeling. "And what?" he asked, prompting me to finish what I had begun to say.

And I don't want you to call me "Ken," because it sounds like a stupid boy's nickname. "And nothing. Nevermind. What time are we leaving for the party tonight?"

A familiar English voice chose that moment to enter the conversation.

The End

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