The next day was the first day of the theatre program. As we arrived I glanced up at the place biting on my lower lip. Was I ready to do this? I was use to being one of the best young actors in Britain but here I was competing with the best from across the world.

We got in and I glanced round at the twelve people. I thought about going and talking to them but there was a cough from the front of the room that draw all of our attention. Josh rocked on his feet seeming to be a little impatient. "Right" the man at the front of the room said his eyes scanning over us. "We seem to have everybody but we still have to do a register"

As the register was done a girl inched across the room to us. "Hey, I'm from Sydney, Australia. My name is Kate"

"Well, my names Josh from..... well, here and this is Leonardo from England"

"Nice to meet you" I said politely once John had introduced us. 

Kate smiled and fiddled with her hair. She twirled it round and round her finger drawing out the shocking red in her auburn hair. "So, this was tough to get on wasn't it?" Kate rolled her eyes.

"Yeah, how many auditions did you go through?" I asked calmly.

"About five"

"I went through ten" Josh laughed stretching up and I saw Kate eyes flick over to him. He saw them to and smiled confidently. "Sorry, I'm taken"

"Shame" Kate teased and glanced around. "There is a girl called Charlie around here from Spain who speaks perfect English"

"I'm gonna wander" Josh says the vanishes among the people. I watch after him before turning back to Kate who smiles up at me embarrassed.

That was just when the man finished the register. "Right!" he called out. "Nice to see you all. My name is Ryan Hate and I will be teaching you over the next few months while your here. Hopefully we will perform the plays professionally during that time. For now boy and girl pairs please we are going to start with romance on stage"

"You and me?" Kate suggested. 

"Sure" I smiled as we were then told the page and lines. They were very intimate lines ending with a kiss.

Ryan strode around as we worked through them. "Kissing in a play is professional. If you cannot take the feelings of the character as your own then you are not acting the part"

Kate chuckled under her breath rolling her eyes. "What is it?" I asked.

"Well... we've only just met and we're gonna have to kiss" 

"So? Acting requires you to leave yourself at the edge of the stage" I muttered. "You need to breath like the character, walk like them and generally be them"

"You say it so beautifully" 

"Thanks" I laughed and we got back to the script. Unfortunately it was time for dinner before we got to the end although I was glad that we didn't have to act out the kiss. Kate was right in a way. We had only just met each other.

The End

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