That Was NOT a Kiss.Mature


I could not have been more flustered.

Marching into my room, I flung open my closet door and shut myself inside. Okay, Kenna, you're getting way too emotionally involved. I mean, come on! Look at yourself! You're getting worked up over him kissing your hair! That was not a kiss! His lips didn't even touch your skin! You're being pathetic!

I ran a hand through my hair, right where Leonardo had, not kissed it. He had merely been getting into the play, had forgotten the lines, and had ad libbed. That was all. That was absolutely all.

I was aware of my phone vibrating, but I didn't want to pay attention to it. Sighing, I tried to convince myself that it was fine to be hiding away in my room. But the truth was, I couldn't hide forever. Locking myself away from Leonardo would only further prove to him that I was slightly crushing on him.

Slightly crushing. With "slightly" being the key word.

Finally, I looked at my phone. A text from Ginger. Oh, great. She was going to be wondering where I'd gone.

Yes, that was it. where are you, she texted, and I had no reply. At long last, I managed a quick, i was gonna help l. with his lines, but decided he didnt need help. There. That would suffice.

But not for long. Ginger texted back. you should come back downstairs.

I panicked. My face was still a blushing mess. And Ginger would be able to tell right away that something had happened.

I slapped my face. No, no, no! Nothing had happened! I was just fine, and Leonardo had definitely not kissed my hair. Everything was going to be just fine. I was hyperventilating; I was overreacting, because no other guy had ever given me a second glance before. Most girls wouldn't be about to die because some guy got a little overinvolved in his play.



I sighed, shoved my phone into my pocket, opened the closet door, stalked out of my room, and went back downstairs.

The End

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