The PlayMature

"Nah, I'll pass" I smiled to them all before heading to my room.

"Dude, why?" Josh called.

"Got to practice my lines" I yelled before vanishing into my room. I went over to my sidetable and plucked out the right script before starting to rehearse. When I rehearse though I didn't just sit there but moved across the room like that was my stage. Which is exactly what I was doing when Kenna popped in.

At first I didn't notice her and kept up the practiced till I turned round at one of my lines. I caught her watching and stopped. Her eyes were wide and her cheeks a bit pink. "Um, I was wondering if you were needing any help" she muttered. "I mean I know Josh would be better since he's the one participating in the acting program but..."

"No" I smiled. "You helping would be fine. In fact there is one scene that would be less awkward"


I went and got her my spare script flicking it to the right page before handing it to her. Then we started. I watched as Kenna flushed as she recited her lines and I followed suit. Soon enough it came to the scene even I was a bit nervous about. Kenna looked up as I stepped up to her. "But my lady" I whispered. "How can I imagine another second without you or another moment were I do not hold you in my arms?" My arms looped round Kenna's waist and she stuttered before glancing down.

"I-It is how it must be. You are a Prince and I..." she turns out of my arms and walks a few steps. "No, it cannot be"

I walked up behind her and forgot all the script. I leant down and brushed Kenna's hair aside before kissing her hair. "Why not?"

"T-That's not in the script" Kenna stuttered glancing over her shoulder at me. I glanced at her lips and she noticed. "I-I have homework" she rushed out then pushed the script into my hands before fleeing. 

Watching her go I felt a little guilty and started to return to my senses. Had I been trying to seduce Kenna?

The End

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