Pasta SauceMature

When I smelled burning I was confused and followed the scent to the kitchen where Kenna was trying to save a destroyed pizza. I leant in the doorway watching her throw a small fit before throwing the pizza into the trash. She turned then and caught me watching. A flush rushed across her cheek. "D-Dinner will be a little while longer"

"Do you need help?" I offered.

"No no, I'm fine" she said searching for something else to cook. She tried to reached the pasta but couldn't. I went over and stood behind her reaching up getting it for her. I handed it over and she flushed.

I stepped back watching her put the pasta on. She then tried to make some sauce. "Okay, let me help" I said moving to take her place and starting to make the sauce.

"You seem to know what you're doing" she commented standing aside.

I flashed a smile over at her. "My mother taught me how to cook from the age of thirteen to fifteen. From then I was on my own" I explained then held out the spoon with a dot of sauce on it. She hesitated before tasting the sauce.

She mused it over in her mouth as I watched her. "That.... It tastes amazing" she flushed. I smiled and heated up the sauce before serving it with her pasta. 

Kenna and me took the bowls out to where Ginger and Josh were waiting. "You cooked something edible?" Josh teased.

"Yes she did" I jumped in before Kenna could. 

She glanced at me and I smiled. She flushed and we all digged in. "Wow, Kenna!" Ginger blinked. "This isn't just edible this is amazing!"

"Yeah, who made it?" Josh questioned.

Kenna sighed. "Leonardo did" she muttered gesturing at me.

"Kenna did the pasta" I jumped in.

"Aww, that is so sweet" Ginger smiled. "You were letting Kenna take the credit"

I shrugged. Well, I was trying but I sort of failed.

The End

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