Going to a partyMature

"Hey, Mike's holding a party tomorrow" Katie smiled at me across the table before flicking her eyes to Kenna and Josh. "You lot should come"

"Well.." Josh mused glancing at Ginger.

Ginger laughed. "Oh I'm already going" she said and sipped at her drink. "Really though you should come. I hear the other transfers are going"

"Shall we?" Josh asked looking to Kenna then me.

I shrugged not really bothered by parties and such. "I don't much mind" I said before taking a bite into my burger.

"Well, I think we should go and Kenna can wear her new dress"

"You bought it then?" I asked looking at Kenna who flushed and nodded. She picked at her chips while everyone started chatting about this party. Once we had eaten we all started to head home. 

Ginger though had other ideas. "Oh, Josh! Come look at this" she said then dragged him off leaving me and Kenna alone.

I saw Kenna take her phone out a moment later with a flush spreading over her cheeks. She quickly tucked it away and I leant against a shop window. "Where did they go?"

"Just to look at shoe"

"Do you want to?"

"Not really" she said pushing a stray strand of hair behind her ear but missing another bit. I reached over and did it myself watching her look up at me.

She stared at me with such wide innocent eyes it was quite shocking. "You missed a bit" I coughed leaning back and looking off. 

Kenna nodded quickly and by the time Ginger came back things were still awkward. She gave us both a glare like she had expected something off us before we left the shop. Bundling the bags into the boot of the car we drove back to Kenna and Josh's place.

Once we got out Josh said he was gonna drive Ginger home since she had tons of bags but would be back to get ready for the party. 

I went to my room and unpacked my bags. All that was on my mind though was Kenna.

The End

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