Being an Idiot. Again.Mature


I entered the dressing room, holding the dress up to my body and imagining what kind of reaction Leonardo would have to me, if he saw me in something so skimpy. Was it wrong to want his attention? I changed into the dress and looked in the mirror.

I actually looked kind of...cute. Pretty, even. And that was saying a lot, considering I rarely considered myself cute or pretty. I flipped my hair, just for the fun of it, and struck a pose that I'd seen Ginger do, whenever she tried to get a guy's attention. I couldn't pull the pose off as well as she could, though, and ended up looking like a loser.

I was starting to pull the dress off over my head, when my ponytail got caught in the zipper. Frustrated, I yanked at the dress to try to get it untangled, but that only served to get it more stuck. It took a few more tries for me to realize that I wasn't going to be able to get the dress off without some help. Humiliated, I slipped my jeans back on and hugged my shirt to my chest, hoping the guys wouldn't be around to see me.

I opened the dressing room door. "Ginger," I hissed. "Come here. I need some help."

Of course, it was just my luck that Leonardo was the only one within earshot. He turned my way, and I quickly slammed the door shut, hoping he hadn't seen me looking like such an idiot.

So, this was what I had been reduced to. Hiding in the dressing room so that Leonardo wouldn't see me with my ponytail caught in a scandalous dress I'd been trying on for fun. Way to go, Kenna Taylor. You always know how to make a scene.

"Ah, are you alright, Kenna?" Leonardo asked, and I inwardly fumed at how adorable he always sounded. Couldn't he have an awkward moment, even just one? Or was I going to have to be the only one who was socially inept?

"Can you get Ginger for me?" I asked, trying to sound calmer than I really was. "I kind of...need her opinion on something."

"Is everything okay?"

"Um...Can you just go get Ginger?"

Leonardo paused. "Sure," he said, and then I assumed he walked away, because I heard the sound of footsteps going in the opposite direction.

I sighed and relaxed a bit. Well, at least he was gone.

The End

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