That DressMature

Shopping. At first I thought it was an easy way to get maybe some cheap stuff. I didn't expect to be carrying the bag. "Are you okay?" Kenna asked looking up at me. I forced a smile shuffling the bags round.

"Oh he's fine. Men were made for carrying ladies shopping" Ginger said turning and flashing a heartbreaking smile at us all. I was starting to work out this girl out. She was all thick lashes and high heel shoes. She was a heartbreak on heels except when she looked at Josh. The moment her eyes caught sight of him she would melt. If there was any tension in her body it was vanish.

Josh and Ginger started in some banter just as we reached a group of people. "Hey guys!" Ginger sung.

"Gosh, Ging" a girl with pink highlights laughed. "You're meant to wait till the group meets up"

"Oh you know me" Ginger laughed.

"Who's this?" a guy asked causing five sets of strange eyes to look at me. 

"This is Leonardo. The guy staying at ours for the theatre program" Josh introduce before turning to me. "This is Mike, Katie, Lee, Mollie and Emma"

"Nice to meet you all"

The girl with the pink highlights, Katie, giggled. "Oo, I love your accent" she said batting her heavy eyelashes at me. I smiled and saw Kenna shift drawing my eyes to her. I watched the way she looked at her toes and pushed the hair behind her ear.

Josh nudged me. "Dude, we're heading on" he laughed.

"Oh, right" I said then lugged on the bags. To say I wasn't weighed down by more as the evening went on would be a lie but when we got to a store two people would stay outside with the haul while the rest went in.

Unfortunately I was one of the unlucky ones to get dragged in for clothes along with Lee, Mollie, Emma, Katie, Ginger and Kenna.

"Oooo, Kenna!" Ginger said rushing over and holding a short cut dress up to her. "This would look so adorable on you"

"It-It's a bit short" Kenna laughed taking it off Ginger and holding it to her body and looking in the mirror. I glanced at her in the mirror to imaging her in the dress. How it would hug her curve and draw out her slim legs. "I'm not sure"

Ginger rolled her eyes. "Oh, c'mon!" she said then saw me looking. "I think Leonardo agrees"

The two girls looked at me and I met Kenna's startling hazel eyes. I could have said so many things but instead gave a shrug. Seeing the fall of Kenna's face though hit me. "You'd look cute in anything" I said turning on my heels and walking off to find Lee. 

The End

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